Starbucks workers on strike (Chile)

Baristas at Starbucks in Chile are on strike demanding better wages, help to buy food during labour hours, proper clothing for work and support in commuting fees for those who don’t live near to the store they work in.


According to reports from The Wall Street Journal the starting hourly wage for Chilean Starbucks workers is the equivalent of $2.50 USD, and it hasn’t changed in eight years. Andrés Giordano, president of the union, Sindicato de Trabajadores de Starbucks Coffee Chile, stated Lunch in Chile costs $5.00 to $6.00 USD.


The Wall Street Journal informs that Chilean workers have been pressing for a lunch stipend since they organized two years ago. Starbucks managers in Chile get a monthly “lunch bonus” of $50.00, while other employees are offered two free coffees a day.


A cup of coffee is worth more than the hourly wage of a Starbucks barista in Chile, as reported by Juliana Rincón Parra from Global Voices Online.


According to CNN Money, coffee giant Starbucks is now facing its first worker strike in history… and it seems they may be in for a treat since some union workers are willing to raise the stakes with a hunger strike if the basic demands are not satisfied by the employers.


Starbucks operates approximately 17,000 coffee shops in more than 50 countries around the world.


July 24th, 2011.




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