Larissa Riquelme by SoHo magazine



It is clear 2010 was the best year for South American model Larissa Riquelme, who jumped to fame after several pictures of her with a mobile between her breasts flooded the web during the FIFA World Cup™.  Riquelme promised to run naked if her team, Paraguay, won the World Cup… which of course, did not happen but Miss Riquelme found a way to appear naked on several magazines, including the Brazilian edition of Playboy.




One year after she rose to international prominence, she was photographed by SoHo magazine [es] (Colombia) and here you can take a look at the results which are quite obvious:




Larissa Mabel Riquelme Frutos was born on February 22nd, 1985 in Asunción, Paraguay.




Should you feel the need to follow Larissa Riquelme on Twitter, you can do it at her official account @lari_riquelme




July 22nd, 2011.





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