The mighty Antonov




So I was searching the web for data about big aircrafts (can’t quite remember why) and I found out there were plans to produce a new version of the Airbus A380, the A380-800 freighter, which would offer the second largest payload capacity of any cargo aircraft, then I thought which one is in first place?  The answer is: the An-225 Mriya.



As a complete ignorant about aeronautics and airlift cargo aircraft, I had never heard of the An-225, but I remembered I knew about the Antonov when I saw the film 2012… this science fiction disaster film with a scene of a massive plane and the comment from one of the characters (Yuri Karpov) who says with a sense of confidence and superciliousness “it’s Russian”.  Anyway, the point is, I know nothing about aircrafts, specially about the An-225 and Antonov Airlines, but I think it is kind of cool so I leave you with a few pictures of this huge airplane, which seems to be actually from Ukraine (it is not Russian).


June 11th, 2011.


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