Bono meets with Mexican President



Paul David Hewson (a.k.a. Bono), U2‘s lead singer, activist, philanthropist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee met yesterday afternoon with Mexican President Felipe Calderón at ‘Los Pinos’ official residence.



Bono and Calderón talked about poverty, global warming and Mexico’s role in the G-20 reunion to be held next year.


Bono and Calderon @Los Pinos


According to reports from the Associated Press and The Washington Post, President Calderon thanked Bono for sending a message to victims of drug violence during his Wednesday performance.


The Edge Mexico City
The Edge @Estadio Azteca May 11th, 2011



U2 will perform two more shows in Mexico City (at Estadio Azteca) on May 14th and 15th, as part of the 7th leg of the 360° Tour, which according to Wikipedia is the highest-grossing concert tour so far, followed by A Bigger Bang Tour (The Rolling Stones).


 Adam Clayton and The Edge

May 13th, 2011.




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