All the way from Manchester England…


There is no better way to evoke a 90’s flashback than to listen to a few tunes by one of the most underrated bands in history: James.


All right, I know the band formed back in the 80’s, but you have to admit they became hugely popular in the nineties, probably when they released ‘Laid’.

 James: Laid

I enjoy most of their songs but today I’m sharing with you two in particular.  I know What I’m Here For, from the 1999 album ‘Millionaires’.


Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) from the 2001 album ‘Pleased To Meet You’.



I said they are underrated, and believe me, they are!  The band’s quality should put them alongside Oasis, Blur and Radiohead, but when you hear about British bands which reached their best in the nineties you only hear/read those names and people often forget about James (and sadly, Pulp).


Britpop? Alternative Rock? Call it what you want, even if you brand it as mere Pop, I reckon it is some of the finest popular (commercial) music you can find out there.


April 22nd, 2011.




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