Meet the Meat Monster

Not suitable for veggies.






Behold Burger King‘s new addition to the menu: the ‘Meat Monster’.


 Meat Monster


Unfortunately the sandwich is only available in Japan at the moment (we know those guys could use a fix right now).


According to the Daily Mail, the ‘Meat Monster’ contains 1,160 calories, split among two hamburgers, a chicken breast fillet, two slices of processed cheese three rashers of bacon, and a sesame seed bun, all decorated with salad trimmings.


Customers have the option to add in even more layers if they want to ‘personalise’ the meal further – and make it even unhealthier. Daniel Bates for the Daily Mail.


I can only say it looks delicious, but it is no match for the ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger™’, only available at The Heart Attack Grill.



Notice: Neither the ‘Meat Monster’, nor the ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger™’ have been endorsed yet by the European Society of Cardiology or the American College of Cardiology.





April 13th, 2011.




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