Will McDonald’s fire Ronald McDonald?




It is rather uncertain where and when Ronald McDonald appeared for the first time, but he has been the primary mascot of the McDonald’s™ fast-food restaurant chain since the 60’s.  Nevertheless, it is hard to find him in the restaurant nowadays… it is even difficult to find him in the official website of the global chain, how come?


Well, we’re not sure about it.  It may be because in the recent years, McDonald’s™ has attempted to rebrand itself as a more upscale and healthy chain offering salads, cappuccinos and wireless internet while downplaying old favourites like calorie–rich Big Mac™.


Since the release of the documentary film ‘Super Size Me’ (2004) McDonald’s™ tried to offer “healthy” options on the menu and removed the Super Size option for meals, although their official position is these changes had nothing to do with the film.


Customers may associate Ronald’s image with the older and “formerly unhealthy” McDonald’s™, which could be a good reason for the bosses to let him go.


He kind of represents the old McDonald’s, with the high- fat content foods that are kind of falling out of favour (…) It’s clear that McDonald’s is advertising coffee, they’re not advertising burgers: Bob Dorfman, executive creative director at Baker Street Advertising.


However, Ronald McDonald might not get the sack immediately, as he is the face of a couple of charity projects, so let’s not feel sorry for him just yet, he might be still around for a few years.


By the way, today I’m having a Big Mac™.

 McDonalds Big Mac

March 3rd, 2011.



Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


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