Mubarak finally stepped down

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Breaking news!


According to media around the globe, including the BBC and The Guardian, Hosni Mubarak finally quit after 10,712 days (almost 30 years) as President of Egypt.


Mubarak’s stepping down came after 18 days of nationwide protest and international pressure from all over the world.  The New York Times reports Mubarak turned over all power to the military, and left the Egyptian capital for his resort home in Sharm el-Sheik.


The Egyptian military issued a communiqué pledging to carry out a variety of constitutional reforms in a statement notable for its commanding tone. The military’s statement alluded to the delegation of power to Vice President Omar Suleiman and it suggested that the military would supervise implementation of the reforms. The New York Times.



The news were delivered to the Egyptian people by Vice President Omar Suleiman.  A huge roar of approval, joy and satisfaction followed the announcement, according to journalists reporting live from Tahrir Square (Cairo).


February 11th, 2011. 

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