Presidents of the U.S. on the big screen

The President of the United States of America (fictional or real) has been portrayed in several Hollywood films.  Sometimes as a kind and sympathetic middle-aged man, some others as a tough and even rude guy, sometimes under attack!  In some cases, the role of this character is not primary in the plot and appears just for a few seconds on screen, just to address the nation in a motivational speech; ‘Armageddon’ (directed by Michael Bay) is a good example.

Here we have a list of the actors who have impersonated the POTUS remarkably in some of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters… ok, I went too far, some of them have been massive box-office fiascos, take a look anyway:

Bill Pullman

President Thomas J. Withmore (‘Independence Day‘, 1996).


Billy Bob Thornton

The President (‘Love Actually‘, 2003).


Bruce Greenwood

President John F. Kennedy (‘Thirteen Days‘, 2000).

Danny Glover

President Thomas Wilson (‘2012‘, 2009).


Harrison Ford

President James Marshall (‘Air Force One‘, 1997).


James Cromwell

President J. Robert Fowler (‘The Sum of All Fears‘, 2002).


John Voight

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (‘Pearl Harbor‘, 2001).

 Franklin D. Roosevelt

Lloyd Bridges†

President Thomas ‘Tug’ Benson (‘Hot Shots! Part Deux‘, 1993).


Morgan Freeman

President Tom Beck (‘Deep Impact‘, 1998).

 Tom Beck

Stanley Anderson

The President (‘Armageddon‘, 1998 and ‘The Rock’ 1996).


And last but not least… George W. Bush as himself in ‘Farenheit 9/11′.  He even was awarded a Razzie for his performance (Worst Actor).  You almost believed he was only as stupid as portrayed in the film uh?  Of course time proved he was even worse.


February 3rd, 2011.



One comment

  1. Wow, you’re an idiot!

    Harrison Ford’s POTUS WAS integral to the plot, and he was on screen through the entire film.

    GW Bush did not “portray” himself in Michael Moore’s excuse for a documentary. One does not “portray” himself in documentary ENG film. Razzie or not. (This also proves how stupid the award was, since his “portrayal” was by definition accurate. If the presentation was “stupid,” that was the fault of the editor.

    You also left off the best portrayal of JFK by anyone, by William Devane in “The Missles of October.” (Oh, but again, he was on screen for more than 5 minutes, which is apparently the longest you ever watched a film with a plot.)

    Again, you’re an idiot.

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