This is Not a Movie


This is not a war flick…

this is not soft porn…



Olallo Rubio, former radio announcer and now filmmaker presents his second motion picture named ‘This is Not a Movie’, starring Edward Furlong (‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ and ‘American History X’), Peter Coyote (‘E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial’) and Edi Gathegi (‘Twilight’).


As a die-hard music fan, Rubio chose the legend himself, Slash[1], to create original music for the film.

With the end of the world imminent,
Pete Nelson (Edward Furlong)
locks himself inside a Las Vegas hotel.
There, he tries to understand his confused reality influenced by
film,TV, pop culture, disinformation, drugs and propaganda.
The journey that follows is a
surreal, psychedelic, apocalyptic quest
where nothing is what it seems…

The film will be released in Mexican cinemas on January 27th, 2011.

Who is Olallo Rubio?


Rubio began his media career in 1995, working as a radio announcer for Mexico’s number one rock radio station at the time: Radioactivo 98.5 FM; in 2002, he became the managing director of the station.  He became an opinion leader for his select group of listeners.


After the radio station was shut-down, Rubio began exploring other activities, such as writing for newspapers and even co-founded a music magazine. In 2007, he made a documentary titled ‘So, What’s Your Price?’ The film was screened in Central Park in New York City as part of the Summer Stage Festival and was part of the official selection at the Latino Film Festival in San Francisco, The Havana Film Festival, and the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

 American star Edward Furlong and Mexican filmmaker Olallo Rubio

For more information about the film please visit


January 28th, 2011.



[1] The best living guitar player in history according to Time magazine.



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