Liam accuses Noel of stealing

Liam Gallagher Beady EyeAccording to Yahoo Music, Liam Gallagher has accused his brother Noel of stealing old Oasis material and using it for his new solo project.  The youngest of the Gallagher brothers and now lead singer for the band Beady Eye, has claimed that he had already sung on many of the tracks on Noel’s new album.



I’ve heard his new record ‘cos I fucking sung on half of it (…) when I was in America for ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ he swiped some of it because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album. So he can talk all the bullshit about, ‘Oh, I was intimidated,’ and all that. fucking nonsense. Behave. He knows. The people know. And I know: Liam Gallagher for Contact Music.


It is unclear how much Liam actually knows about his brother’s new recordings. The two are said to be estranged, and no specific details about Noel’s album have been made public, however it is certain that Noel is and has always been acknowledged as the Oasis main songwriter and leader, thus Liam’s allegations might be branded by some as incongruent (you can’t steal what is already yours, can you?).

Noel Gallagher in red sweater
Noel Gallagher


Beady Eye have announced details of their first live UK and European shows in March 2011.


After releasing ‘Bring The Light‘, their first piece of music which NME termed an ‘event release, the likes of which we haven’t seen in aeons‘, the band (Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock) will be giving fans a first live taste of their premiere album in a series of concerts in the UK and Europe in March next year, which is proving to be one of the most hotly anticipated live debuts the UK has ever seen[1].


January 6th, 2010.




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