Burger King without burgers

If you’re a sweet-tooth now you can have it your way!


Continuing to expend to new horizons, Burger King™ has opened in London a dessert bar with no burgers on the menu.  The first Burger King™ Dessert Bar opened in Benidorm, Spain earlier this year, and there are several locations operating in South America.



The Dessert Bar, in the Westfield shopping centre in London, will offer a “specialised menu” which includes BK Fusions ice cream and mini pancakes as well as new “sweet treat” items such as brownies, cakes, cookies and muffins.


Burger King™ has also launched other kind of restaurants like the Whopper Bar in Times Square (NY) featuring the pizza burger (link in Spanish).


Pizza Burger / Burger King Have it your way!
Pizza Burger

If you’re not much of a sweet-tooth I sincerely recommend that you skip the Dessert Bar and take a look to The Heart Attack Grill.


Quadruple bypass
The Heart Attack Grill nurses (waitresses) featuring the quadruple bypass burger™

December 9th, 2010.





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