Trainspotting: sequel on the way?

According to NME, director Danny Boyle has said that he is likely to make a sequel to Trainspotting.


The original film (based on a novel by Irvine Welsh) was released on February 23rd, 1996, starring Ewan McGregor, Kelly Macdonald, Ewen Bremner and Robert Carlyle.


Boyle has directed other highly successful films as A Life Less Ordinary (1997), The Beach (2000) and the Academy Award™ winning film Slumdog Millionaire (2008).


A book sequel to the 1996 film already exists, entitled Porno, again written by the Scottish Irvine Welsh. Rumours of a sequel to the film have been rife since the book’s publication in 2002.


Porno describes characters of Trainspotting ten years after the events of the earlier book, as their paths cross again, this time with the pornography business as the backdrop rather than heroin use (although numerous drugs, particularly cocaine are mentioned throughout)[1].


Danny Boyle Slumdog MillionairePorno is not a great book in the way that Trainspotting, the original novel, is genuinely a masterpiece (…) but we have been doing some work on it, and it’s got potential for sure. When the moment’s right I think we will approach it. Danny Boyle.


The filmmaker also mentioned he would like to work with the members of the original cast:


We’ll approach them all again about it, but it will depend on what place they’re all at (…) we have a very strong idea that it would be a wonderful thing to reapproach, to do again, when they have aged clearly into a mid-life kind of crisis. They’re not quite there yet, I don’t think: Danny Boyle.


Trainspoting and the forthcoming sequel Porno are not the only works of Welsh which have been adapted for the film industry.  The Acid House, an adaptation of a collection of Welsh’s short stories, was released in 1998, under the direction of Paul McGuigan.


Choose life!

Trainspotting Spud


December 7th, 2010.



[1] Wikipedia



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