Pizza Hut refused to serve black customers


A group of black professional footballers for League One club Bournemouth went into their local Pizza Hut™ for lunch, expecting (as any customer) to be treated with respect.


After they ordered, they were asked to pay the bill in advance. 


Midfielder Anton Robinson told the Bournemouth Daily Echo[1]:


We ordered our food. The manager came up with the bill and said: ‘Would you mind paying first?’

We asked if that was the policy and he said ‘no’. When we asked why he’d asked us, he said: ‘It’s the way you look.’  We had a good idea what he was trying to get at. A group of white kids came in straight after us and they weren’t asked to pay before they had their food. The only thing that was different was the colour of our skins: Anton Robinson.


Bounermouth Anton Robinson

According to the Daily Mail, A spokesman for Pizza Hut™ said the company had recently introduced a policy of asking certain customers to pay in advance but this was up to the discretion of staff.


We will be contacting the customers concerned to apologise: Pizza Hut™.


December 6th, 2010.


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