Barcelona 5 – Real Madrid 0


Barcelona trashed Madrid in ‘El Clásico’


Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid Nov. 2010 Camp NouBarça put in a superb performance to play the previously unbeaten Madrid off the pitch.  Xavi, Pedro, David Villa (twice) and Jeffren scored tonight at Camp Nou against an old foe, Real Madrid, and took the three points fiercely.  Pep Guardiola’s side seized the initiative from the off, while José Mourinho’s squad was absolutely powerless to prevent each one of the goals scored and was unable to reply.


Little could Cristiano Ronaldo do against Barça, and in the heat of the first half he pushed Guardiola on the touchline to spark off an absurd melee, then a stray elbow from Ricardo Carvalho saw Lionel Messi mysteriously booked for diving.

 Crisitano Ronaldo Real Madrid

Messi, by the way, was not able to score this time, but he served Barça’s strikers with 3 assists.  The Argentinean star received a ferocious tackle on injury time by Sergio Ramos, who also attacked two fellow nationals on his way out as he was shown the red card by the referee.


José Mourinho always insisted that this game would not be decisive but it felt like it last night. He insisted that, having enjoyed the best start of any coach in the club’s history, Madrid would lose one day; clearly he did not expect to lose like this.

This is not a defeat difficult to deal with (…) While one team played at the top of its potential, the other did not (…) one team deserved to win and the other one deserved to lose: José Mourinho

Barcelona now lead the table and will visit Osasuna at Reyno de Navarra next Saturday.  Real Madrid will receive the uncomfortable visit of Valencia C.F.



November 29th, 2010.





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