Royal Wedding: mindful of the economic situation?

So, during the last couple of days media from all over the world have been bragging about the Royal Wedding to take place in either spring or summer next year.  Normally, I wouldn’t care to comment about an event involving royals, but I read this interesting line:


With the country barely out of recession and stringent cuts announced by the Government last month, the spokesman added that they would also be mindful of the economic situation.


Wow! How considerate. But, I keep wondering, how ‘mindful of the economic situation’ can you be when you’re a royal anyway?  Then I found out one estimate to the cost of the Royal Wedding claimed the final figure could even be as high as £80 million[1] due to the levels of security required.


Considering Prince Charles’ own wedding to Diana in 1981 cost an estimated £30 million, with thousands of police and Armed Forces lining the streets, spending more than twice as much 30 years later might be marked for some people as unreasonable, at a time when Britain is facing severe public spending cuts and high rates of unemployment.


Both the Prince of Wales and the Queen are likely to contribute towards the cost of the wedding. It will be a family contribution but no final decision had been made: St. James’s Palace spokesman.


ITN has revealed such contribution could be as high as £50 million.

 Kate Middleton's see-through d

I reckon this sort of events are normally glamorous and luxurious, but in my opinion, spending £80 million on a wedding (or any social event for that matter) is just ludicrous, insensitive and insulting, in a world with people starving to death or dying of diseases that can be cured with a £5 course of antibiotics.


William of Wales and Kate Middleton will get married; they will be cherished and loved by some Britons, their photos will be in the cover of thousands of magazines and after all the joy of the wedding has passed, they’ll resume their Royal activities.  Maybe William will go back to ‘serve’ in the RAF, but I sincerely hope he will never set foot on a refugee camp in some troubled country, or on some clinic in HIV-infected Africa, because that would only be cynical. 


If he or his family spend £80 million on a wedding, they should be banned from speaking about poverty, starvation or unemployment, because they clearly are not part of the solution.  I know they won’t be (banned), and they can’t be, I guess it is just my way of showing my anger and frustration with this kind of irrational human conducts.  We live in a world of unfairness and wrongdoing, the system tries to absorb us, let us not lose our capacity of feeling outraged.  Awareness is the key.


And remember, if you’re reading this, you’re The Resistance.

November 18th 2010.




[1] Source: ITN


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