Oops! Ryanair did it again


Low-cost carrier Ryanair has managed to angry its customers… once again.


The plane did not land in Beauvais but in Liege without warning. Consequently, we refused to leave the plane: Mylene Netange (passenger).


About 100 angry Ryanair passengers staged a sit-in in an aircraft cabin for several hours on Wednesday after their flight was diverted to Belgium.  Most of them (according to reports) were French tourists back from a holiday in Morocco.


They decided to protest against staff’s decision to land in Liege, Belgium, instead of Beauvais, near Paris in France on Tuesday night.


They stayed on board for more than four hours in complete darkness after the plane landed, despite the pilot and crew members having already left the aircraft. There was no food or water available on the plane, and passengers didn’t have access to the on-board toilets, which were locked.


They decided to stay on the plane until someone agreed to take them to their original destination, and it took four hours of negotiations for officials to convince them to leave the aircraft. Passengers were then asked to wait for buses to take them to Beauvais.


It was a very tense situation (…) some of these people were very aggressive, very rude: Christian Delcourt (spokesman for the Liege Airport).


Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said in a statement the weather related (fog) closure of Paris Beauvais Airport on November 16th had forced four Ryanair flights to divert to Liege.


Michael O'Leary Ryanair CEO

The passengers were unreasonable and refused to follow the advice which would have allowed them to complete their journey: Stephen McNamara (Ryanair).


For more about Ryanair, click here.

Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary. File photo


November 17th 2010.







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