Bring the Light

With a piano sound that evokes a 60’s flashback, powerful vocals and extremely repetitive lyrics, the ex-Oasis crew now called Beady Eye presents its first single ‘Bring the Light’… oh, I forgot to mention the annoying choir.


Liam Gallagher as frontman and singer, Gem Archer and Andy Bell in guitars and Chris Sharrock in the drums, appear in the promotional video released earlier this month, directed by Charlie Lightening.


A poorly shot video indeed with a lousy choreography performed by some fairly hot models.  Hopefully, Beady Eye will offer better quality in both, sound and video in their upcoming album which, according to has already been recorded in London and will be released next year.


We’ll keep an eye on Liam’s new work, hoping it will not be rubbish as it was before his older brother co-founded Oasis with him.

 Liam Gallagher


November 17th 2010.


To take a look to Liam’s clothesline Pretty Green click here.Liam's clothesline





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