Journalists on strike


According to The Guardian, journalists and main presenters for the BBC will stage a walkout this Friday, causing a news blackout across the main TV and radio programmes.


The walkout is organized by the National Union of Journalists (‘NUJ’), which reportedly represents about 4,100 BBC journalists. NUJ members voted to go on strike in protest at changes to the BBC’s historically generous final salary pension scheme.


NUJ members across the BBC have consistently dubbed the proposals a pensions robbery. That hasn’t changed. The BBC have now left members with no choice but to take action to defend their pensions: NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear.


On the employer’s side, Mark Thompson stated ‘the BBC belongs to the British public and has a duty to deliver programmes and services of the highest quality to them every day of the year. They rely on us. We must not let them down’.


British Broadcasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Corporation

Oh, the classic struggle of the wage labour, even when the employees are as renowned as Fiona Bruce and Nicky Campbell. We’ll see how it goes, but don’t expect people to be worried about this walkout; in the Information Age, news are delivered by anyone!


November 4th, 2010.




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