Star Wars 3D

Darth Vader 3DGood news for warsies around this galaxy (and others far, far away).  George Lucas has confirmed plans to release 3D versions of the ‘Star Wars’ saga.


However, the films will not be released in the original order.  According to reports[1], the conversions will begin in 2012 with the 3D release of ‘The Phantom Menace’, the first part in the saga. If successful, the remaining five films will follow at the rate of one per year. The year gap between films is to ensure that they look as state-of-the-art as possible.

George Lucas Star Wars 

Lucas is planning the Blu-ray release of the six films next year, complete with never-before-seen deleted footage and new making-of documentaries.


There was fresh controversy recently after Lucas unveiled a deleted scene of a cloaked Luke Skywalker tinkering with his lightsaber from ‘Return of the Jedi’. Mark Hamill threw a spanner in the works though, insisting he never shot that scene – leading some to speculate that the scene was shot recently in a bid to inject excitement about the Blu-ray releases. However, given that it’s a close-up shot it’s not unusual for filmmakers to use stand-ins for the main stars during ‘inserts’.


If you missed the deleted scene it’s probably because it has been removed from most user accounts, but here’s one you can watch (minute 4:46-5:39), hurry! It might be deleted soon too.

Storm trooper Star Wars
Photo by TRC

September 29th, 2010.



[1] NME


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