82nd Academy Awards: District 9 nominated


Everybody knows the Academy Awards are just a sympathy vote really and often the winner is neither the best nor your favourite.


This time I’m glad they nominated one of the films I really enjoyed in 2009 and I thought would never be acknowledged: District 9.



This film produced by Peter Jackson had one of the best viral marketing campaigns I’ve seen.  The movie itself is pretty good I think, for several reasons:  They risked filming outside the U.S. and with a cast full of unknowns to the industry.  The characters are not Americans.  They managed to make it look like a documentary but used the exact amount of visual effects to make it look spectacular. That Wicus Van de Merwe character is just brilliant, Sharlto Copley should have been definitely nominated to the award of best actor in a leading role, his performance is truly worthy of recognition. 



I reckon District 9 has virtually no chance of getting the award for best picture… most likely the Academy will award James Cameron and Avatar for spending as much money as they possibly could to tell a story about humans being aliens among smurf-like natives in a distant planet.  The important thing is the Academy recognizes District 9 and Avatar officially play in the same league, which makes me happy.


MNU Agent: MNU! We're serving eviction notices. Alien: What is "eviction"?


Just one more thing, Avatar had a budget of 237 million dollars, while District 9 had a budget of just 30 million dollars.  If you want to recognize the best filmmakers maybe you should give the award to those who did more with less, don’t you think? Oh, and if you think a film with a budget of 200 million dollars can’t be that bad, take a look at the nominees to get the Golden Raspberry (Razzie) for the worst picture and you will find Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is one of the strongest candidates.







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