Special fee for oversized passengers



Wide-bodied? Over-sized? Still carrying some holiday extra weight? You may want to consider that for your next trip.


“People as fat as you need to buy two seats”. Air France.


Ryanair threatened to do it last year but now Air France has gone and done it! Passengers travelling on the French carrier will be asked to buy an extra seat if they don’t fit in one regular seat. The airline intends to charge passengers 75% of the cost of the second seat on top of the full price for the first[1].



“We have to make sure that the backrest can move freely up and down and that all passengers are securely fastened with a safety belt.


The charge will only apply on flights that are fully booked. They will get their money back on flights where spaces are available”. Monique Matze, Air France sopkeswoman


According to reports from Sky News Air France was ordered to pay £5,000 damages in 2007 for “humiliation” to a 27-stone passenger at an airport check-in desk in New Delhi.


Jean-Jacques Jauffret (43) had his stomach measured by Air France staff before being told he needed to buy two seats.


Mr Jauffret claimed he was told: “People as fat as you need to buy two seats.”


777-300ER Image by Air France


Air France is not the only European carrier willing to to squeeze any coin out of passenger pockets. Ryanair scrapped check-in desks at airports last year and forced passengers to pay an additional fee for on-line check-in.  On top of it, Ryanair announced last February its plans to charge the passengers for peeing on board[2], installing a “coin slot on the toilet door”.


January 20, 2010.




[1] http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20100120/tod-wide-bodied-passengers-charged-doubl-870a197.html


[2] https://juantadeo.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/ryanair%e2%80%a6-again/



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