Ugly Britons?


Noel Gallagher a.k.a. The ChiefAs you know there’s now an “elite” website for people looking for a hot date, the requisite: you have to be beautiful!  By joining this frivolous community you get the guarantee your dates will always be beautiful and you can be invited to exclusive events and private parties. The legend “No more filtering through unattractive people on mainstream sites” reads at the home page of the social network.


If so far you’re excited about what you’ve read and you’re eager to be a part of it, please visit and get the hell out of my blog.


Now, according to Reuters[1], less than 1 in 8 British men who apply to are accepted.  On the women’s side the things do not improve: 17 of 20 ladies who have applied have been rejected.


Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean
Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean


The same source states Swedish men are the ones with better acceptance in the Danish founded website, with 65% percent of the applicants being accepted.  On the other hand, women from Norway seem to be the most beautiful for other users, given that 76% of the Norwegian girls who have applied have been accepted.


Reuters report also says nearly 1.8 million people from 190 countries have been rejected.


So, what is it? Are people from the United Kingdom ugly? The managing director of gives us the answer:

I would say Britain is stumbling because they don’t spend as much time polishing up their appearance and they are letting themselves down on physical fitness (…) next to Brazilian and Scandinavian beauties, British people just aren’t as toned or glamorous.


We tried to reach Liam Gallagher to get his opinion on such peculiar matter but his representatives were unresponsive so we take it as he is “unavailable for comments”.


Liam Gallagher from the late britpop band "Oasis"
Liam Gallagher, lead singer of the late brit-pop band "Oasis"


What do you think? Have your say and leave a comment or take part in the poll.


November 13th, 2009





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