Only in Springfield


Note: this post is not related to the TV series “The Simpsons” or any of its characters whatsoever.

Is it illegal to brew a fresh pot of coffee?


Is it illegal to be naked in your own house?


Is it illegal to drink a cup o’ joe whilst naked in the kitchen?


Careful, be sure to wear some clothes before drinking!
Careful, be sure to wear some clothes before drinking!


It apparently is! At least in Springfield (Virginia) it is.


Eric Williamson, American in his late twenties, woke up one morning alone in his apartment, then he decided it would be a good idea to have a hot cup of coffee… it wasn’t! 


The thing is, he was naked in his own kitchen at the time he was brewing the beverage. Now, is it bad to wander around your own house completely nude? well, I don’t think so, but Mr Williamson’s neighbour certainly does, as she called up the police department to report the “incident”.


“I’m by myself. So I come down here – the roommates are gone-, and it’s my house. I never had a conversation with anyone, never saw anyone. Didn’t cross my mind, came and got coffee. I mean if I stood and seemed comfortable in my kitchen possibly it’s natural. It’s my kitchen”. Eric Williamson.



Mr. Williamson’s neighbour claims she and her 7 years old son walked past Williamson’s kitchen and saw the nude man.  She also said Williamson moved and exposed himself again through a large front window.


Because of this woman’s report, Eric Williamson was arrested and is now facing charges for a misdemeanour called “indecent exposure”, punishable by up to a year in prison.


So, be careful and think it over before being naked in your house (even if you’re on your own), who knows what sneaky bastard might be spying to later throw the cops on you!


October 22th, 2009









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